The only exception in our range of beers is the Rédor Pils, a bottom fermentation “pils” beer, filtrated but not pasteurised. Indeed, although we are specialised in the production of top fermentation beers with refermentation in the bottle, the brewery has chosen to keep the production of a “pils” beer. The Rédor is a pure malt “pils”, which means we only use the barley malt as starch. We do not add grains, so the Rédor becomes a tasteful “pils” with a real bitterness.
To drink refrigerated like every other “pils” as an aperitif or companion of your daily mails but also mussles… The shelf life of the Rédor is limited (more or less 4 months). For the best taste, you should drink this “pils” immediately after bottling.
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